Your mattress’s quality affects how well you sleep and how healthy your spine is. Bonell, high resilience foam, or latex? If you are aware of the characteristics of each filling and know what to look for, making the decision may be simple. Continue reading!

A bed with Bonell springs

For a very long period, upholstery used Bonell springs. Prior to being covered with a thin layer of polyurethane foam, they eventually broke through the upholstery and emerged. Bonell springs are now shielded from the environment to keep them from emerging. This layer may be made of coconut fiber, horsehair, or seagrass.

Coils are used to connect bonel springs. The thickness and durability of the mattress increase with coil count. Five coils are found in the most durable mattresses.

A bonell mattress’ wiring quality should be considered before making your selection. Although it can be verified with a unique certificate (ISO 9001), the wire’s thickness is the primary indicator of quality (the thicker the wire, the better the mattress quality). A high-quality mattress is assured with a wire diameter of 2.2 mm.


The key factor driving the long-term production of bonell mattresses is their affordable price. Since wire is inexpensive, you may also purchase a mattress for not too much money.


Typically firm is a bonel mattress with a layer covering the springs (especially if a layer of coconut is used as a protector).

There is very little point elasticity in a bonell mattress. This is due to the joining of the springs in a bonell mattress. This is a poor solution since the mattress does not conform to the shape of the body. The comfort of sleep is significantly impacted by this.

Pocket-sized mats

In essence, a pocket mattress is a spring mattress. The smaller diameter, cylinder-shaped springs are inserted into unique fabric pockets. The mattress is more flexible and readily conforms to the shape of the user’s body because they are not interconnected and each functions independently.

The mattress is more flexible and better able to conform to the shape of the user’s body if it has more springs. There are between 250 and 510 per square meter. A mattress is referred to as “multipocket” if it has a lot of tiny springs.

Pay close attention to the material used to cover the springs when purchasing a pocket mattress (the so-called padding type). Latex foams are more expensive but also more elastic and durable than polyurethane foams, which are reasonably inexpensive but not as strong.


The elasticity of a pocket mattress is good. Because of this, it perfectly conforms to the shape of the body and supports the spine equally well everywhere.


Particularly when compared to bonell mattresses, pocket mattresses are quite pricey.

For two people, a pocket mattress is a good option. Because the springs are not connected to each other, each person, regardless of the difference in body weight, can rest comfortably.

Toddlers spend the majority of the day and night sleeping, so having a good night’s rest is crucial. Are you aware of the factors to take into account when picking a mattress for your child?